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 Front Office và Middle Office và Back Office. what does this front office middle
office and back office actually mean in this context so when we talk about
Investment Banking or jobs of Investment Banking where you know investment
bankers are directly dealing with clients so front office means you know
being the face of the organization so you’re dealing directly with the clients
and hence you are but then working in a front office likewise think of sales and
trading desk sales and trading desks as we have discussed you know this these.

Front Office

are the guys who actually directly talk to the clients and advice them on the
buy and sell recommendations of the stocks so since they’re directly
interacting with the clients they are considered to be a front office kind of
roles likewise research is also considered to be a front office role
because they are also directly interacting with the client you know
recommending their own set of analysis about buy sell on a particular stock so
we have early seen that how research sales and trading actually work in
tandem in order to convince a client so this is front office for you now what is
middle office and who comes in between so when we talk about investment banking
structure something like you know risk management team they come in the middle
office what’s the key role of a middle office
and the middle office key role is to actually interact with the front office
guys and to ensure that they do not engage in any set of activities which
you know out of compliance or probably the risks

Middle Office

are too much for the investment back to take so in order to check the work
associated with the front office middle office actually the people employed here
actually does the risk assessment related to it so all the controls and
procedures finance control guys even the compliance the strategy guys all of them
actually come here and then they work at a party middle office then this brings
us to the last thing that who works on the back office so a back office are
those guys who are actually not interacting with the clients so you know
you can say that the IT guys are the technology guys they are the ones who
would be considered to be working in a back office in the investment bank a
reason being that they are not interacting with the client it’s just a
nomenclature so don’t worry about you know why IT guys are you know not
classified as back office think of whether are they facing the real clients
and if no then they could be either classified as middle office or back

Back Office

office also the operations guys operation employees who are you know
helping out in terms of smooth functioning of the business or the
investment bank can be classified as a back office employees with this I hope
that you have properly understood what are the roles and responsibilities of
individual functions within an investment bank and educ ba is kind of
into Investment Banking and research-based trainings and if you want
to learn more about individual functions and want to make a career in this you
may want to kind of opt for different training which we actually give an. apartment


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